The 90's...yep you were there too...Part 2

   So 1991 comes and I graduate from 231. Now I'm faced with a dilemma.  Go to Springfield Gardens High School and die, or move.  So goodbye Queens and hello Long Island, in actuality we only moved 2.2 miles from one side of Hook Creek to another.  I noticed immediately these baggy pants tapered at the bottom with a white tag running down the zipper.  Some of you are probably already grinning and hanging your heads in shame because you owned Z Cavariccis in every possible color.  Now this is one of those moments in time when we step back and wonder what exactly the fuck did people think were attractive about these eyesores?? They made men and women alike appear to have child bearing hips, now throw a Hypercolor shirt in the mix and you have what was most likely the worst you have ever looked in your entire life.  Good idea, lets create a shirt that will let everyone know just how much I sweat.  Couldn't possibly get any worse right? WRONG! Because while you were wearing
you're pants that made you look oval, and shirt that went from yellow to dark blue under your pits, you..yes YOU were doing the Roger Rabbit while TKA blasted Louder Than Love from your walkman, or you were listening for clues on where to find Mr Leonard on Z-100....I think PLJ was still a top 40 station then too right?  Either way you contemplated wearing an article of clothing backwards because of those two little Kriss Kross bastards, but wisely decided against it.
    Remember those plaid pants and shorts I mentioned in Part 1, well yes you owned Skidz too and probably wore them with a loud B.U.M. Equipment sweatshirt.  LL Cool J's mama was telling him to knock YOU out, and Bel Biv Devoe notified us to "never trust a big butt and a smile."
 Clarence Thomas was busy putting pubies on Anita Hills coke can, communist Russia collapses, 90210 is the biggest thing to happen to teenage girls since Clearasil, the Giants win the Superbowl, Hannibal Lecter introduces us to liver and fava beans, the country mistakes Oliver Stone's JFK as a documentary, Nevermind and Ten are released delivering the death blow to hair metal, and the Album of the Year is Back on the Block by Quincy Jones.....wait...what?  Isn't this the same year Use Your Illusion 1 & 2 come out?  Metallica's Black Album? Blood Sugar Sex Magik?  Even though your grandparents knew the words to Losing My Religion, and even though Anthrax and Public Enemy are creating a genre that Fred Durst would single-handedly murder 8 years later, we are once again given a gift that would keep on giving as 'guess-who' wins Song of the Year with 'From A Distance.'  (Must have been God punishing us for pointing and laughing uncontrollably at Scott Norwood for missing the field goal)
    1992: Rap effectively takes over.  Busta Rhymes taught us how to Raaawr rawwwr like a dungeon dragon.  Naughty By Nature, Cypress Hill, A Tribe Called Quest, Nice and Smooth, Redman, Fu-Shnickens, among many others, invade the suburbs and I'm in 9th Grade.  Memorial Junior High Shool to be exact and it was paradise.  Say what you want about Memorial people, you had lockers which we didn't, well we did but they were off limits so we had to carry all our books all day long.  Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE knew the words to Scenario, and you (ok, we) wore baseball hats attached to our belt-loops and Starter jackets.  Vulgar Display of Power, 40oz To Freedom, Check Your Head, The Chronic, Achtung Baby, Eric Clapton Unplugged, and STP's Core are some of the other legit albums to come out of this odd but lovable year. This was also the year I met some people who would become the best friends I've ever had, and 18 years later, we're still kicking.  High school for part 3?? I wont mention any names I promise....probably


  1. Your blog is like a time machine, Gregg and I'm loving it! But sadly, I will now have Scenario stuck in my head for the duration of the weekend! Thanks buddy!

  2. I still have a hypercolor shirt!!

  3. Looking forward to Part 3.......