Arnold Drummond 1968-2010

      Quite a life that Arnold Drummond had.  Starting with being adopted with his brother Willis on a basketball court in Harlem, Arnold taught children of all races that it's OK to leave you're roots behind after one year removed from them.
      That fateful day in Harlem when a black stretch limousine pulled up to the courts and an old white man waved them on in, like any red-blooded American child would, they threw caution to the wind and climbed into that leather interior armed only with a basketball and the hopes that this old white man was not just adding them to a collection of exotic creatures.  Mr Drummond, later known as "dad" after much resistance from the older, jaded Willis, took them in as if they were his own, much to the delight of his own daughter Kimberly who when first encountered with Arnold and Willis exclaimed "can we keep them daddy", nary a racist bone in her lily white character.

Here it is.....

    The next sentence may get my Mets fan membership card revoked permanently but here it is...I do not hate the Yankees.  I never have.  Don't get me wrong, I hate the Stienbrenners, I hate Brian Cashman, and there have been a laundry list of Yankee players I've hated over the years (Clemens I'm talking about you), and I guess I resent the very idea of the Yankees, but I do not hate them.  The only way I would hate the Yankees is if they were in the National League East.  Hence the reason I loathe the Braves, Marlins, and I particularly enjoy hating the Phucking Phillies, whom the Metsies just swept without allowing a run in a 3 game series.

         What drives me nuts is baseball "fans" hating on a team just because they feel they're supposed to.  Look, I'm realistic, this is a Yankee town, and it has only been otherwise twice in the last 100 whatever years, but when the Mets are hot, it's a very different feel than when the Yanks are winning.  Now, that being said, I also don't hate all Yankee fans....I don't hate ALL Yankee fans, I didn't say I don't hate any of them.

Goddamn you Twilight

OK let me start by saying I'm all for freedom of expression, and being yourself and all that. I truly am. But people like this need to get a hold of themselves, or someone else needs to get a hold of them and shake the shit out of them until they realize how much of a walking contradiction they really are. If you're in a "wolfpack" (UGH it make me nauseous just to say that), you are no longer an individual and have already handed your identity over to a larger group of people. I'm no sociologist, but i know their is something to be said about needing to belong, and identifying with people of similar interests and beliefs. But this, besides being lame to the point of evoking sympathy, is just fucking stupid. Emo was bad enough, but I hope and pray that 10 years from now these assholes are going to be so ashamed of themselves for being such sheep that they cant even watch White Fang without shuddering. Whew, ok I'm done being a judgmental prick....for today


I want answers for Oliver Perez

      3 years, $36 million. 3 years, 36 million. 3 years, $36MILLION???  Ok, either Omar Minaya was so hellbent on an all Latino Mets team, (if that offends you, you're stupid..hit that little x in the top right corner of your browser please) or Scott Boras didn't just pull the wool over Minaya's eyes, but he placed Omar's entire head up a sheep's ass.  Ok so he didn't sign Dereck Lowe, not gonna kill him for that, for that he gets a pass (I don't miss listening to The Maddog in the least), but  Oliver Perez has never shown anything but inconsistency, he has been a head case since day 1, and is now a $36 million shitty reliever.  SOMEONE needs to answer for this, and as a Met fan there's nothing more frustrating than not seeing someone go down for this, along with the other genius moves the Mets have made since Omar took over.  PS - We haven't forgotten about you Steve Phillips....I'll get to you another time.....



   What can I do for you old lady across the street? Is there a reason you constantly peek through the glass on your door like nobody on the other side can see you? Yes old lady, we see you! I am so tempted to approach her property like I'm under gunfire, commando roll up to her door and signal for her to hit the deck, mumu and all.  Once I give her the "all clear" and she opens the door and stands before me in her wrinkled house dress, and disheveled Pete Rose-esque 'do, I will inform her that they were here, they were fucking pissed at her, and if she kept looking out the door, they will torch the CBS studios, and burn every copy of Murder She Wrote known to man.  Although she seems to be from some sort of Soviet bloc nation, so i will have to saбийстве, она пишет.  I'll probably just wave like always.


Why is Yoko Ono still alive?

I'm giving you fair warning...I'm about to ask a lot of questions..
With all the musical geniuses we've lost, we are still stuck with the unfortunate burden of knowing that SHE is still among us. We have to deal with her awful handling of everything Lennon since his way-to-early death in 1980, as well as the era leading up to the Beatles parting ways & John's solo career. Now I am under no circumstances delusional enough to think that she was THE reason for the breakup of the most innovative and pioneering band of our time. Paul McCartney should be ordained a saint for dealing with her, Michael Jackson buying the Beatles catalog, AND that horses ass that married him and then ran..(create you're own leg joke) off with half his money.


On second thought....

Goddamn i could use a beer. But that beer will lead to bad things. I may lose my job if I drink a beer. I'll stop going to school again if I drink a beer. I'll lose everything I've broken my ass to accomplish the last 3 years. Yep May 29th,2007 was the last time i tasted a drop of alcohol, or did a bump of cocaine. Yes it's true, I am an addict/alcoholic. I'll wait for you to get up off the floor.........Most days I don't even really think about it anymore, or at least don't give it a SECOND thought. After all we can't help the FIRST thought we have because it just creeps up out of nowhere, like a sneeze or someone handing out religious literature. But the SECOND thought we have control over, and my second thought has to be "you'll lose everything", for the rest of my life. For those that don't understand addiction, good for you, I hope you never have to. And not because you're life will be ruined, and you'll look like shit, and you'll get down to 125 lbs like I did at the end, but because of the rehab.


What makes a classic?

Is age the only factor in determining what a "classic song" is? Does it's peak Billboard position have a say? Can a one-hit-wonder be a classic? I'd be careful when answering that one....first person that mentions Deee-Lite's "Groove is in the Heart" as a classic gets stabbed in the mouth. Likewise those who mention Biz Markie as a one-hit-wonder needs to go back and do their research, or risk a mouth stabbing. I tend to think that what determines a classic is a list of different things. Can what that song reminds you of, whether its a person, a fleeting summer romance, mourning a loved one, or just that period of time that it was on your walkman (pardon the reference...it was an Ipod type electronic device that played "cassette tapes"....say it with me ...ca-ssette ta-pes...think a really small VCR..now a VCR was a large piece of electroni......you know what never mind) on a daily basis make a classic? Is it that subjective? Certain songs, that otherwise have disappeared into obscurity, are forever on my list of classics because for those 2-4 minutes I can re-live a time in my life that I'll never get back. Is "Enter the Wu-Tang 36 Chambers" as much of a classic on the Left Coast as it is here? And is "The Chronic" considered as much of an all time great as it is in say Englewood? Both of these albums are staples in my music collection, 1. because they're great, and 2. because they take me back to a certain time and place. I can literally smell the King Size marker that I used to bomb the second floor bathroom in high school, and I can also smell stale smoke, because that bathroom next to the library was the easiest to get away with smoking in. I can remember the Nuthin But a G Thang video making that fridge full of Old English 40's making malt liquor look sooo good. Of course when we ran out and bought our first one it tasted like beer mixed with vinegar and cat piss, but we got used to it. I guess the point of all this is , for me, a classic has nothing to do with charts, or how many hits that artist followed up with, it's a personal decision, but there are exceptions....I don't care you lost your virginity on ecstasy floating on a cloud in Bora Bora with Groove Is In the Heart on the radio, it's never a classic. Don't get stabbed.