Goddamn you Twilight

OK let me start by saying I'm all for freedom of expression, and being yourself and all that. I truly am. But people like this need to get a hold of themselves, or someone else needs to get a hold of them and shake the shit out of them until they realize how much of a walking contradiction they really are. If you're in a "wolfpack" (UGH it make me nauseous just to say that), you are no longer an individual and have already handed your identity over to a larger group of people. I'm no sociologist, but i know their is something to be said about needing to belong, and identifying with people of similar interests and beliefs. But this, besides being lame to the point of evoking sympathy, is just fucking stupid. Emo was bad enough, but I hope and pray that 10 years from now these assholes are going to be so ashamed of themselves for being such sheep that they cant even watch White Fang without shuddering. Whew, ok I'm done being a judgmental prick....for today


  1. My favorite part of that video is when the girl says "Gangs are posers... They're just looking for attention." Yes. Because having a freakin' TAIL doesn't scream, "Hey, guys! Take a look at this, willya?! I'm so quirky!"

    Damn. If you're gonna be theatrical, just be theatrical... Revel in it. You wanna dress the same as everyone else around you, no matter if you look like you're about to go LARPing, rock on... But don't tell me you don't do it partly to get attention.

  2. You can't be a werewolf without the MOON!!!!!! fucking twilight god damn it. Damn it!!

  3. wow...you see? this is why I prefer vampires :)