Here it is.....

    The next sentence may get my Mets fan membership card revoked permanently but here it is...I do not hate the Yankees.  I never have.  Don't get me wrong, I hate the Stienbrenners, I hate Brian Cashman, and there have been a laundry list of Yankee players I've hated over the years (Clemens I'm talking about you), and I guess I resent the very idea of the Yankees, but I do not hate them.  The only way I would hate the Yankees is if they were in the National League East.  Hence the reason I loathe the Braves, Marlins, and I particularly enjoy hating the Phucking Phillies, whom the Metsies just swept without allowing a run in a 3 game series.

         What drives me nuts is baseball "fans" hating on a team just because they feel they're supposed to.  Look, I'm realistic, this is a Yankee town, and it has only been otherwise twice in the last 100 whatever years, but when the Mets are hot, it's a very different feel than when the Yanks are winning.  Now, that being said, I also don't hate all Yankee fans....I don't hate ALL Yankee fans, I didn't say I don't hate any of them.
The Yankee fan I HATE, is the one that spends more time and energy talking shit about the Mets than they do cheering on their own team.  Thats like being an enormous Beatles fan, but instead of going to see the Beatles, you buy a ticket for the Rolling Stones just to boo them.  I love the game of baseball first and foremost, I'm a baseball fan before I'm a Met fan.  It would have been very easy for us to jump ship in '96 like so many thousands and thousands of others did (REAL Yankee fans should seek these people out and stone them), but we chose to stay true, and no matter the pain and anguish our Mets put us through, we hang on and hope for that GM in shining armor to take us to the promise land (Oh Frank Cashen where have you gone).
      The truth people who became Yankee fans after '96 should have be forced to a hat that says SELLOUT in bright letters so everyone, Yanks fans included, can know what spineless turds they truly are.  This will not change anyone's opinion, and I'm sure I will chuckle a bit when Doughboy Sabathia gets shelled, or A-Rod does some other fucking bizzare move either on the field or off, but I had to get it off my chest.  Carry on......


  1. Good stuff Gregg...I'm a Yankee fan and I hate Steinbrenner and Cashman too. And I don't hate the Mets :)

  2. I never said I was normal. That being said, I take more pleasure in the Mets losing a regular season game than the Yanks winning one. I'm pretty unique in this view but a zebra can't change his stripes right?We'll do our part, Gregg you get your team there and it will be Subway Series part II and I'll be reading your blog after each game. Thanks for another good read!