I want answers for Oliver Perez

      3 years, $36 million. 3 years, 36 million. 3 years, $36MILLION???  Ok, either Omar Minaya was so hellbent on an all Latino Mets team, (if that offends you, you're stupid..hit that little x in the top right corner of your browser please) or Scott Boras didn't just pull the wool over Minaya's eyes, but he placed Omar's entire head up a sheep's ass.  Ok so he didn't sign Dereck Lowe, not gonna kill him for that, for that he gets a pass (I don't miss listening to The Maddog in the least), but  Oliver Perez has never shown anything but inconsistency, he has been a head case since day 1, and is now a $36 million shitty reliever.  SOMEONE needs to answer for this, and as a Met fan there's nothing more frustrating than not seeing someone go down for this, along with the other genius moves the Mets have made since Omar took over.  PS - We haven't forgotten about you Steve Phillips....I'll get to you another time.....

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