What can I do for you old lady across the street? Is there a reason you constantly peek through the glass on your door like nobody on the other side can see you? Yes old lady, we see you! I am so tempted to approach her property like I'm under gunfire, commando roll up to her door and signal for her to hit the deck, mumu and all.  Once I give her the "all clear" and she opens the door and stands before me in her wrinkled house dress, and disheveled Pete Rose-esque 'do, I will inform her that they were here, they were fucking pissed at her, and if she kept looking out the door, they will torch the CBS studios, and burn every copy of Murder She Wrote known to man.  Although she seems to be from some sort of Soviet bloc nation, so i will have to saбийстве, она пишет.  I'll probably just wave like always.

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