What makes a classic?

Is age the only factor in determining what a "classic song" is? Does it's peak Billboard position have a say? Can a one-hit-wonder be a classic? I'd be careful when answering that one....first person that mentions Deee-Lite's "Groove is in the Heart" as a classic gets stabbed in the mouth. Likewise those who mention Biz Markie as a one-hit-wonder needs to go back and do their research, or risk a mouth stabbing. I tend to think that what determines a classic is a list of different things. Can what that song reminds you of, whether its a person, a fleeting summer romance, mourning a loved one, or just that period of time that it was on your walkman (pardon the reference...it was an Ipod type electronic device that played "cassette tapes"....say it with me ...ca-ssette ta-pes...think a really small VCR..now a VCR was a large piece of electroni......you know what never mind) on a daily basis make a classic? Is it that subjective? Certain songs, that otherwise have disappeared into obscurity, are forever on my list of classics because for those 2-4 minutes I can re-live a time in my life that I'll never get back. Is "Enter the Wu-Tang 36 Chambers" as much of a classic on the Left Coast as it is here? And is "The Chronic" considered as much of an all time great as it is in say Englewood? Both of these albums are staples in my music collection, 1. because they're great, and 2. because they take me back to a certain time and place. I can literally smell the King Size marker that I used to bomb the second floor bathroom in high school, and I can also smell stale smoke, because that bathroom next to the library was the easiest to get away with smoking in. I can remember the Nuthin But a G Thang video making that fridge full of Old English 40's making malt liquor look sooo good. Of course when we ran out and bought our first one it tasted like beer mixed with vinegar and cat piss, but we got used to it. I guess the point of all this is , for me, a classic has nothing to do with charts, or how many hits that artist followed up with, it's a personal decision, but there are exceptions....I don't care you lost your virginity on ecstasy floating on a cloud in Bora Bora with Groove Is In the Heart on the radio, it's never a classic. Don't get stabbed.

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